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Using Gitlab and Satis to generate private composer Repository

This is mainly a wrapper for mborne/satis-gitlab intended to make it easy to use with minimal and simple configuration. Best used together with Gitlab. I'm using Gitlab Pages behind Apache, NGINX is the default/recommended way to use Gitlab Pages with.


  • .satisinclude - file to activate certain projects for satis Works in latest master ochorocho/satis-gitlab – see pull request
  • Integrate webhook ??? when tag created See section optional
  • Download zips in Satis ??? So no key auth is required??!?!? add archive: true and *.tar-Files for Tags will be saved in ./dist/ Folder. Branches still point to Git Repo.
  • Multiple packages, which one is preferred? Depends on the loading order of your defined repositories in composer.json
  • FIXME Run pipeline only if it is not already running, pile up all requests and run it only once.


  • Write .htaccess according to config.yml (only if basic-auth is set)
  • build-dir to configure target folder
  • Order to read configuration: GITLAB_SATIS_CONFIG → config.yml
  • options is passed to satis-gitlab as –option
  • arguments is passed to satis-gitlab as argument
  • Use –ignore to exclude certain repos

Gitlab CI

The image ochorocho/gitlab-pages-satis provides gitlab-pages-satis command which reads the environment variable GITLAB_SATIS_CONFIG first. Fallback is ./config.yml or the configured file e.g. gitlab-pages-satis /path/to/config.yml

  - deploy

  stage: deploy
  image: ochorocho/gitlab-pages-satis:latest
    - mkdir satis-build
    - gitlab-pages-satis
    - mv satis-build public
    - public/
  - master


Go to Project → Settings → CI/CD → Pipeline Triggers, give it a name and allow api scope. Hit “Add Trigger” and copy it to your configuration (arguments → gitlab-token). See below …

Using Environment variable

In Gitlab go to Project → Settings → CI / CD → Variables and create variable named $GITLAB_SATIS_CONFIG and add your config to the “input variable value” field.

Gitlab Satis Configuration

Using Config File

Add a config file to your repository. By default the script is looking for config.yml file. If you want to change that simply call the script this way gitlab-pages-satis /path/to/custom_config.yml

  gitlab-url: ""
  gitlab-token: "GITLAB_TOKEN"
  ignore: "(^namespace_name|^namespace\/project)"
  homepage: ""
  output: "satis.json"
  include-if-has-file: '.satisinclude'
  template: '/path/to/satis-template.example.json'
  archive: true
  auth-name: "Satis Repository"
  auth-file: "/path/to/.htpasswd" # Absolute path required
  username: "admin"
  password: "password"
build-dir: "satis-build"

Make sure Gitlab Pages is activated for your project.

Trigger the Pipeline, that's it!


Satis example template

Use this template and set configuration (options → template) if you want to modify …

  • the Twig template
  • to use http instead of https
  • and all other options that are not covered by mborne/satis-gitlab
    "name": "SATIS repository",
    "homepage": "http://localhost/satis/",
    "require": [],
    "require-dependencies": true,
    "require-dev-dependencies": true,
    "config": {
      "secure-http": false // Not required for https
    "twig-template": "template/index.html.twig"

Trigger on tag_push

Want to trigger your satis projects pipeline each time a Tag is created/deleted ?

  • Add the follwing file to /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/plugins/gitlab_pages_satis.rb
  • Make it executable (chmod +x gitlab_pages_satis.rb)
  • validate your plugins using sudo gitlab-rake plugins:validate to make sure its running
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#### Config begin
# Trigger Token, see Project -> Settings -> CI/CD -> Pipeline triggers
# Private Token, see User -> Access Tokens -> Personal Access Tokens
# GitLab install
# Satis Project id (integer, not the project name)
#### Config end
require 'json'
require 'tmpdir'
payload = JSON.parse(
# Only run this code in case we are dealing with tag_push event
if payload['event_name'] == 'tag_push'
	temp = Dir.tmpdir()
	shaFile = "#{temp}/gitlab-trigger.sha"
	# Get refs to compare
	payloadCurrent = "#{payload['ref']}"
	payloadBefore = if File.exist?(shaFile)
	# Save refs to compare on next run ...
	File.delete(shaFile) if File.exist?(shaFile)
	File.write(shaFile, "#{payload['ref']}")
	# Check if composer files exists in project
	composerExists = `curl -o /dev/null -s -w \"%{http_code}\" --request GET --header 'PRIVATE-TOKEN: #{auth_token}' '#{gitlab_url}/api/v4/projects/#{project_id}/repository/files/composer%2Ejson/raw?ref=master'`
	# Trigger Pipeline
 	if payloadBefore != payloadCurrent && composerExists == '200'
 		exec("curl --request POST --form \"token=#{trigger_token}\" --form ref=master #{gitlab_url}/api/v4/projects/#{satis_project_id}/trigger/pipeline")
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