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LinuxMCE 1004 DVD Installer

Snapshot: LMCE-1004-20120701130826149.iso


Common hints

can't eject cd/dvd hold down the left mouse button till the disc is ejected
switch to terminal STRG + ALT + F2
switch to UI STRG + ALT + F7
Stop X Server sudo /usr/pluto/bin/
Get used Display Driver lshwd | grep ' VGA ' | head -1 | sed 's/^.*(\([^()]*\)).*$/\1/'

Some notes

  • ASIX, driver for Apple USB-Ethernet adapter worked ootb.
    • connecting Ethernet to the router/internet with DHCP installed the nvidia-glx-260 automatically.
  • D-Link usb hub blocked boot/firmware, so it was stuck in the grey firmware screen
  • tried to set network to dhcp in lmce-admin → Advanced → Network → Network Settings for “1. External network card eth0”, it took ages and finally i changed it manually in /etc/network/interfaces (not needed if Apple USB Ethernet is installed before rebooting new installed LinuxMCE)

Let's go

  1. Drop in DVD and boot from cdrom - Boot LinuxMCE live
  2. in grub select “Boot LinuxMCE live DVD” (first option)
  3. TAB to set boot options and add nomodeset reboot=pci
  4. hit ENTER to run installer
  5. Wait till it completely bootet…
  6. Install Broadcom BCM57765 ethernet driver. Not needed if an internet connection already exists. If it does not work try to get connection via another device.
  7. Follow the nice looking installer (If you can't figure out how to do this, go home! ;-) )

Chroot the freshly installed LMCE-Disk

Do the following step:

chroot /target


Boot from LiveCD, again. In Terminal:

sudo mount --bind /dev/ /media/disk/dev/
sudo mount --bind /proc/ /media/disk/proc/
sudo mount --bind /sys/ /media/disk/sys/
sudo chroot /media/disk/

Broadcom BCM57765 ethernet tg3-driver install

Issue: Got disconnected from the network every now and then … Samba wasn't usable, disconnected very minute or so.

Changed Driver Version: to

Download Driver (from another Computer)

unzip the file and search forlinux-3.124c.tar.gz and put it on a usb drive plug it in to your freshly installed and not yet rebootet LinuxMCE machine.

Go to dir and install

mkdir /usr/pluto/drivers && cd /usr/pluto/drivers
cd tg3-3.116j/
tar xfvz /path/to/tg3-3.116j.tar.gz /usr/pluto/drivers/
make install
insmod tg3.ko
modprobe tg3

Update grub to enable reboot and graphics

Make sure is still working chroot /target


vi /etc/default/grub

and verify that GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT contains nomodeset and reboot=pci Possibly its the best to add these values at the end


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset reboot=pci"

Whats going on ..

  • nomodeset fixes black screen after boot
  • reboot=pci enables reboot, if not set it won't reboot

To apply the new settings to grub run


Now you should be able to boot without getting a black screen and you are also able to reboot, but hold on for a few more minutes

Install Apple USB Ethernet

ASIX Driver works out of the box - my fault, did'nt realize that it actually worked! - — Jochen 2012/12/13 11:18

Install Apple USB Ethernet Adapter - download the driver to an USB drive mount it and copy it as needed if no internet available

Driver download:

mkdir /usr/pluto/drivers && cd /usr/pluto/drivers
mkdir asix
cd asix
cp path/to/AX88772B_772A_760_772_178_LINUX2.6.35_Driver_v3.5.0_Source.tar.bz2 ./
tar xvjf AX88772B_772A_760_772_178_LINUX2.6.35_Driver_v3.5.0_Source.tar.bz2
sudo apt-get install module-assistant
sudo module-assistant prepare

Add following lines to asix/asix.c after .driver_info = (unsigned long) &belkin178_info, (hint from Ubuntu Forums )

}, {
     // Apple USB Ethernet Adapter
     USB_DEVICE(0x05ac, 0x1402),
     .driver_info = (unsigned long) &ax88772_info,

Install it ..

sudo modprobe -r asix
sudo make install
sudo modprobe asix

First reboot !!!

sudo reboot

auto install NVIDIA 320M

Works with this Snapshot: LMCE-1004-20120701130826149.iso as long as theres a internet connection on boot!

Basic Steps to make it work automatically:

Check NVIDIA Card

sudo apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-260 | grep -i Installed
sudo lspci -nn | grep VGA

Update pciid

sudo update-pciids
lspci -nn | grep VGA

Get pciid

lspci -nn | grep -vi "non-vga" | grep "VGA" | sed 's/.*://;s/\].*//' 

add pciid in Add it to both lines DRIVER_260_SUPPORTED and VDPAU_REV_C_SUPPORTED

sudo nano -w /usr/pluto/bin/

Install TT-connect 3650 S2 DVB receiver

Kernel update may harm your dvb driver!!!!

If this happend make sure you cleaned your dvb drivers:
sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/2.6.32-41-generic/kernel/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/*
New Repository:

Remove previous installed modules:

sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/2.6.32-41-generic/kernel/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/*


mkdir 3650
cd 3650
wget  --no-check-certificate
tar xf s2-liplianin.tar.gz
cd s2-liplianin
make install
cd v4l/
sudo modprobe dvb-core
sudo modprobe stb6100
sudo modprobe stb0899
sudo modprobe lnbp22
sudo modprobe ttpci-eeprom
sudo modprobe dvb-usb
sudo modprobe dvb-usb-pctv452e


/home/jochen/3650/s2-liplianin/v4l/firedtv-1394.c:298: error: implicit declaration of function 'hpsb_unregister_protocol'
make[3]: *** [/home/jochen/3650/s2-liplianin/v4l/firedtv-1394.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [_module_/home/jochen/3650/s2-liplianin/v4l] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.32-33-generic'
make[1]: *** [default] Fehler 2
make[1]: Verlasse Verzeichnis '/home/jochen/3650/s2-liplianin/v4l'
make: *** [all] Fehler 2





Public Key Error medibuntu

By making sure that the LinuxMCE is up to date i had trouble doing “apt-get update”.


W: GPG error: lucid


sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 2EBC26B60C5A2783
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