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Mac Media Director Setup

  • Running Kubuntu and the Mac is setup as MD too, the cores mythbackend can't connect to mysql and it may not boot
  • 2nd option is select by default in case a OS already exists on HDD (fallback is option 1)
  • It should boot after 5 seconds automatically
  • In case your Mac does not boot into rEFIt by default hold down “alt”
  • Grub: Menu now hidden, gPXE selected by default
  • Added a nice looking LMCE icon

rEFIt Menu

Install on USB

  1. Download File (containing all partitions and files needed)
  2. Open .dmg-File and plug in usb drive
  3. Open disk utilities
  4. deactivate partitions of .dmg-File and USB stick. DO NOT UNMOUNT!
  5. get device names: command+i shows the device identifier
    1. dmg: disk1 → rdisk1
    2. usb: disk2 → rdisk2

Write DMG File to USB:

dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m

Boot your mac with USB plugged in. Hold down alt/option to get the boot menu. Select refit and wait. If all runs smooth, you should see a menu showing “LinuxMCE” and it will start boot in 5 seconds.

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